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Trudy is a retired Biology teacher,  with an M.S. from Purdue University.  Trudy has a strong interest in genetics and the health of the Boston Terrier Breed.  She is a past president of the Boston Terrier Club of America and wrote and implemented the first BTCA health survey in l990. Prior to that time, she served on several BTCA Committees. She has owned five champions and finished three of them herself. She has had 11 litters of puppies. Her first Boston Terrier was acquired 60 years ago and she has loved and owned Bostons ever since. She has special interests in white/blue eye related deafness, birth defects and epilepsy.

Melany is an Administrative Assistant in a large law firm. She has owned Bostons for 13 years but has only been showing dogs for the past few years. Her dog, Krak-Mont's Cool Beginnings was Winners Dog at the 2000 National Specialty Show in Ontario, CA. She is vice president of the her Boston Terrier club and is especially interested in genetics and health issues for Boston Terriers. She is an advocate of CERF and BAER testing, having tested 13 dogs over the past year all of whom passed with flying colors. She is dedicated to the betterment of the Breed.

Bennie has known Bostons since the l940's when her grandmother was raising Boston Terriers in South Carolina. She has been showing Boston Terriers for about 11 years, breeding for eight, and  has shown a number of Bostons to their championships.  She is a graduate of Lynchburg College, and has taken numerous handling, dog training classes, seminars, breeding and genetic seminars. She is a member of BTCA, The Boston Terrier Club of Maryland and the Virginia Kennel Club, where she served on the board of directors and various committees. She is a strong advocate of Boston Terrier Health with a special interest in genetics.

Katie currently owns five Boston Terriers, and is a breeder/exhibitor. She owns one Boston with an American/Canadian Championship and three others that are pointed. She is a member of the TriAngle Boston Terrier Breeders Club. Katie also has owned Dalmatians for 10 years, as a breeder/exhibitor, and initiated Dalmatian Rescue of Central NJ. She has researched health issues and counseled at all-breed shows.  Her special areas of interest are deafness, nutrition and alternative veterinary medicine. She currently has charge of the Health Committee Web Site, and this year was instrumental in organizing the BAER clinic and seminar the BTCA National Specialty in Ontario, California.

Leasa has been a Graphic Arts and Printing Instructor for ten years at the high school level.  She worked in the publishing field for the fifteen years prior.  She served as BTCA Membership Committee chair in l993-94, Coast to Coast Editor from l994-97 and is currently on the health committee.  She has held various positions with the Oxford Hills Dog Club, Minuteman Boston Terrier Club and the Boston Terrier Tea Party.  She has raised l6 litters of Boston Terriers, has put a Championship on 7 Boston Terriers, and pointed 12 others since 1987. Her main health interests are in DNA identification and health screening tests. She plans to assist the Health Committee with printing needs, is list master for Committee communication and is planning an informational flyer on health tests.

Kathryn is assistant professor at a large state university in Veterinary Science since 1986. She has screened 250 DNA markers on samples from juvenile cataract-affected and carrier Boston Terriers over the last 5 years. She is currently sequencing the gene that she believes is responsible for juvenile cataracts in the Boston Terrier. She is an ad hoc grant reviewer for the Canine Health Foundation, and has attended the AKC Parent Club Genetics meeting as a representative of BTCA. She has also attended the Canine Molecular Genetic Conference for scientists sponsored by the AKC. She has been a breeder of Boston Terriers since 1986, producing her first homebred champion in 1991, and nine other champions since then. Kathryn is very knowledgeable about Boston Terrier diseases of the eye and genetics.

Susan teaches political science and directs the Office of Service Learning at a large university.  She has owned Bostons for eight year, has been showing for seven years,  and currently has ten Bostons at home. She also owns two Rottweilers, one of which is a rescue dog.  She has finished five Boston Terriers and is currently training one for obedience. She has had seven litters of puppies.  She is professionally skilled in developing surveys and has produced the new Boston Terrier Health survey which was mailed to BTCA members and Affiliate Clubs, and results of which will be tallied this year. ( Her postdoctorate was at UC-Davis doing survey research on environmental issues.) She has also volunteered to head Major Fundraising for this Committee. She has a special interest in chemical poisons and patella problems.

Sheri works as an Office Manager to support her Boston Terrier habit. She fell in love with her first Boston just 6 years ago. She has finished 6 champions and bred 6 litters. She is a member of a regional Boston Terrier club, the BTCA, and an all breed club, where she is currently serving as President and  Show Chairman. She is committed to health issues of Boston Terriers, and has a particular interest in deafness, cataracts and nutrition. Her goal, as a breeder, is to continually be open to learning and to produce Bostons that are physically sound, as well as good representatives of the Breed Standard. She shares her house with seven Bostons, a Frenchie, a Corgi and a wonderful husband of 24 years who puts up with her "going to the dogs".

Rod and his wife have been actively breeding Boston Terriers for sixteen years. During that time they have bred thirteen Champions of their own and have finished numerous puppies of their breeding for other people. Rod got his first Boston in the l930's and has had a Boston in his family almost ever since. He bought the first of his present line in 1953. He realizes that the great majority of dogs he breeds end up as pets, and therefore his main objective has always been to first breed healthy animals that will be able to take their place as a member of the family and give a full measure of pleasure. His dogs have won the breed at Madison Square Garden several times and won the National Specialty three times. Rod has an extensive collection of Boston Terrier pedigrees.

Mary is a retired Operating Room Tech. She worked with Dr. Denton Cooley at the Texas Heart Institute in Houston, TX and Dr. Seybold of the Kelsey Seybold Clinic in Houston, TX and numerous other surgeons in the Texas Medical Center Hospitals OR's. Mary was Supervisor of the "clean room" and sterilization of Intermedic's Inc, makers of implantable heart pacemakers. She been breeding dogs and horses since 1965 but has been breeding and showing Bostons since 1993. She has owner-handled 8 of them to their championships. Mary is a member of BTCA, Bexar County Kennel Club, Mission City Stewards Club, President of the Greater San Antonio Owner Handler Assoc., where her main interest has been educational seminars. Mary has been instrumental in arranging three George Alston  seminars, a Pat Hastings  seminar and a Pat Trotter seminar for 2001. Her area of interest is breeding sound, healthy puppies with  good temperaments and promoting health clinics for the screening  of  health problems  in our Boston Terriers.

Lynda Piercy is a Dog Groomer by trade, a Dog Obedience and Flyball Instructor and is the Coach of an all breed Flyball Team. She resides with seven English Mastiffs, nine Boston Terriers, one Vizsla and one French Bulldog. She is a mother to three children and has a wonderful supportive husband of 20 years. She has put championships on seven Mastiffs and eight Boston Terriers; put Companion Dog Titles on five Mastiffs, one Vizsla and four Boston Terriers; put two agility titles on one Boston Terrier; put Canine Good Citizen Certificates on seven Mastiffs, one Vizsla and four Boston Terriers; put Therapy Dog Certificates on four Mastiffs and three Boston Terriers; put Flyball Dog Titles on one Vizsla and a Boston Terrier; and put one Flyball Dog Excellent title on her Vizsla. She has produced 13 litters of Boston Terriers with three of those being single puppy litters. Lynda lives with a bilaterally deaf Boston who serves as a reminder each and every day as to why we need to health test out dogs. She is very involved in her all breed club going out monthly to promote purebred dogs and responsible dog ownership. Her deaf Boston participates in these activities with regard to the fact that we are responsible for what we breed. Her heart is strong for the health testing such as annual eye cerfs, BAER testing and OFA of the patellas.

Sharon has been breeding Boston Terriers for show for 30 years. She belongs to an all-breed club, 2 Boston Terrier Specialty Clubs and BTCA. For the all-breed club she has been President, Vice-president, Board member and Show Chairman for 19 years. For BTCA she was National Trophy Chairman, and presently is Publicity Chairman. In 1997 she attended the AKC Canine Health Seminar as BTCA's representative. She was show chairman for the Regional Boston Terrier Show when the National was in St. Louis. She has finished over 40 Boston Terrier champions and has owner-handled a Boston to No.1 in the country for 2 years. At the present time she owns 10 Bostons. She is committed to breeding happy, healthy puppies for pets and show prospects. Her main health interests for this Committee are breeding, whelping and raising puppies.

Christi has had Boston Terriers all of her life and has been breeding Bostons for about 12 years. She has shown in both Conformation and Obedience, and has bred and finished 12 Champions in the U.S., 3 Canadian Champions, and 3 Bermuda Champions. She has also put Obedience titles on 3 Bostons. Christi has served as President of the Minuteman Boston Terrier Club for 11 years and has been Show chairman for 5 years. She graduated from Rutgers University with a B.S. and received her M.S. in speech pathology from Purdue. Professionally, she has been a speech LanguagePathologist for the past 23 years and is in private practice. She is also working toward certification in canine massage therapy.

As a registered technician she has a wealth of veterinary experience and has seen nearly every medical aspect "first hand" in practice, both surgically and outpatient. She has been the "midwife" for innumerable litters of Bostons and has been the voice on the other end of the line to many of our club members calling with difficult medical issues and questions. While her career interests lean toward reproduction, orthopedics and parasitology, producing Bostons who are temperamentally and medically sound is her true love. She says her goal toward breeding better, sounder Bostons is evident in her bloodlines and in the accomplishment that every Boston produced with her kennel name must be structurally and medically sound.  She shares her home with husband Tony, 7 bouncing Bostons, and a new  baby, Michael.